Are you a parent, guardian, or professional looking to increase independence in home routines for your learners? Are you struggling with transferring or incorporating skills that have been learned in the school or clinic setting to the home setting? Using the Pyramid Approach to Education® as a framework, families and support staff can address common problems related to successful teaching and achieve effective learning at home. This 2 hour talk will emphasize how caregivers, paraprofessionals, and residential staff can utilize routines and everyday materials to teach functional skills that lead to greater independence at home. We will focus on creating learning opportunities and teaching communication within learners’ typical daily activities and routines. For example, during simple meal preparation the following skills can be incorporated: object identification, following directions, requesting materials, waiting, asking for help, and commenting. Through videos, practical examples, and planning worksheets, participants will be guided in identifying functional lessons for learners of all ages. You will leave this workshop with many ideas and skills for organizing and integrating these concepts at home immediately.

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