What are the most important goals for our learners to achieve by the time they reach adulthood? Most parents agree that the long term goals of education for their children include being employable and living as independently as possible. Social, communication and recreational skills are all necessary for increased independence as well as overall improved quality of life. Individuals with developmental delays take longer to learn skills, so where do we want to spend valuable time? Those of us in charge of providing instruction need to be vigilant about choosing and systematically addressing the most important lessons.

Functional Activities, one of the four elements that make up the base of the Pyramid Approach to Education, are a core feature of optimal learning environments. Our team can provide focused in-home support to help you specifically improve this vital area of instruction. We can assist  you and your family to design activities and identify overall strengths and needs as well as specific goals to ensure your son or daughter is truly on the road to increased independence.

Functional Skills Home Support Available: